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Complex structures? Simple solution.

Palturai BusinessGraph quickly identifies UBOs in convoluted organizational structures BSA, AML, 4MLD, EU Directives, FinCEN. Global regulations necessarily expand as cybercrime, drug trafficking and terrorism grow internationally – and the importance of due diligence increases exponentially for financial institutions. Understanding complex corporate hierarchies and identifying ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) is fundamental for financial institutions to…

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Up in smoke? How financial institutions can avoid marijuana industry risks

Marijuana is legal in many countries. However, financial institutions still encounter risk associated with marijuana related businesses (MRBs). The primary risk is potential for inadvertently permitting money laundering activities resulting in fines and reputational damage. But the risk MRBs pose to your financial institution blends into other lines of business as well. In addition to…


Data desert in the financial industry

From a number of projects in the financial industry, Palturai is currently presenting the results in the area of data quality of corporate master data. A frightening realization: Especially in an industry where correct and up-to-date data is essential, data quality is often inadequate. Especially due to regulatory requirements, banks, insurance companies, and other financial…

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Bank compliance: better, easier, faster

The economy is a huge interconnected network — but data on business partners and corporate customers often exists in isolation. Many connections to individuals, other companies and decision makers are unknown. As a result banks miss potential efficiencies in resource use, especially during compliance audits. Despite investing billions in digitization, banks often still treat their…