What would you achieve if you could see all these connections?

The economy is an enormous network

People, companies, and institutions are nodes that are linked to each other through countless connections. And there are new ones joining every day.

The knowledge of these connections is extremely valuable for all business areas. Palturai shares this knowledge with you. Simple, fast, and structured. In precise details or as a whole picture. As a graph or a text. And at your request, these can be seamlessly integrated into all existing processes and systems.

What connections can we reveal to you?

Relations between
people & institutions

For example:

  • GmbH – Chief Executive Officer
  • AG – Supervisory Board
  • Association – Board
  • KG – Shareholder
  • GmbH – Ultimate Beneficial Owner
between institutions

For example:

  • Complex corporate structures
  • Subsidiaries and parent companies
  • Relationships between CEO’s and shareholders
  • Predecessor or successor

For example:

  • Current and former cooperations
  • Joint engagement in an association
  • Simultaneous mandate in a committee
  • Mutual contacts on the 2nd or the 3rd level


See your data in the context of its relationships!

The Palturai BusinessGraph is not merely a copy of the economic ecosystem. As a high-performance platform, it includes any number of your business partners and identifies them in the network.

This allows you to see your one-dimensional data sets as nodes that connect up to 13 million companies and decision makers. Discover paths, structures, and cross-connections! Then use your newly-gained knowledge, for instance, to find new customers or reduce risks for your company.

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The Palturai BusinessGraph is a powerful data-relation-platform for all business areas

Our knowledge of relationships can provide valuable insight in areas such as:

Marketing & Sales
  • Discover interesting leads in the network
  • Initiate new contact recommendations based on existing customers
  • Find short paths to target customers
  • Take advantage of important insights in business negotiations
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  • Automate know-your-customer processes
  • Quickly uncover reputational risks
  • Ultimate beneficial owners by mouse click
  • Easily create dossiers and reports
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Risk & Fraud
  • Gain new insights through innovative analyses
  • Discover and mark “trouble spots”
  • Ultimate beneficial ownerships of business partners
  • Detect network risks at the first and second level
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  • Assess individual profiles
  • Uncover unknown connections
  • See through complex structures
  • Immediately access many public sources
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Use Case Banking: Increase the value of your own data

In the age of digital transformation, customer data is a key asset financial service providers use to their advantage allowing them to be a step ahead of their potential competitors.

Palturai is already helping several major banks to maximize the use of quality data to ensure profitability. As such, structural break-up of data silos is necessary to build and develop a customer-centric strategy.


Easy access to our solution – it’s your choice.

Our flexible and modern IT infrastructure offers several options for managing your relation information. Whether you choose the web application or on-premise, all your needs will be covered.

Without any IT involvement, our feature-rich web application provides the necessary tools to conduct your research – just log in, and off you go. Or you can simply integrate our solution into the systems you currently use. This is particularly easy with our technology partners, as Palturai is an SAP silver partner and associated with many other providers, and we meet the highest security requirements with our on-premise solution.

Web application working as
software-as-a service
Icon-Schnittschtelle Integration
Seamless-integration into
your familiar systems
In-house Hosting:
On-premise service

Who we are

Palturai is an independent start-up headed by leaders of German credit bureaus. With a strong foundation, a highly qualified team and modern technologies, we created a new dimension in the world of business data.

We think data. Connected.

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