We connect hundreds of millions of relationships using state-of-the-art technology

Anyone can collect data – proper networking requires professionals

Data is the raw material we are working with – no more, no less. Collecting and processing this data is a precise skill that we have mastered after years of experience.

Our passion is to combine data with the newest technologies to form a high-performance network and transform it into unique knowledge. This highly complex process of transforming complicated analyses into simple and user-friendly results can be seamlessly integrated into our customers’ systems in order to improve many other internal processes..

Who or what are we networking?

The Palturai BusinessGraph focuses on companies and their decision makers, whether they be managers, shareholders, owners, or members of supervisory boards. These primary stakeholders are augmented by a unique mix of important influencers and specialists from advisory boards, associations, chambers and political committees.

Intelligent technologies create flexibility

Due to our modern infrastructure and high-performance graphing databases, we can unveil connections exactly as needed for your specific use case. From short text information to complex structures of all the companies in a group, one click is enough to get what you need.

Current and historical data create even more value

Continuous update routines make it possible to monitor changes and improve the quality of data you own, while access to historical data as far back as 1991 allows a better understanding of interrelationships and serves as a basis for our “who-knows-who” algorithms.


With Palturai, you have access to promoters of the economy


What else should you know about our data

Where does our data come from?

What does data protection mean to Palturai?

How can you integrate your own data into the BusinessGraph?

BusinessGraph on the Web: Access without an IT solution

Our web application is the most convenient and fastest way to access BusinessGraph without an IT solution. You will receive your access data and you can start immediately, regardless of what browser you use.

Note that the web application is a full version of the BusinessGraph solution. We have developed and enabled all of the functionalities that are offered in our on-premise application.

You can even import your own contacts by accessing your social networks or through a data upload. After all, this is the prerequisite for many interesting features such as the connections between your network and your target customers.

BusinessGraph integrated into your systems – or on-premise implementation

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Easy integration via REST API

Many good reasons exist for integrating Palturai BusinessGraph into existing and familiar systems. Employees can then use selected functionalities in addition to established systems and processes that can easily be done through our REST interface.

Whether accelerating onboarding by obtaining master data via the API, or transferring ultimate beneficial ownerships into your compliance system, our modular infrastructure combined with the modern REST API is ideal for a fast implementation.

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On-premises solutions for the highest security requirements

The BusinessGraph solution can also be implemented on-premise on any Linux or Windows operating system. We import network updates into your system through a one-way connection, ensuring your data remains completely within your internal IT infrastructure.

Since individual functions and tasks of BusinessGraph are encapsulated in so-called micro-services, we can customize an individual package with functionalities for you and supplement these in the future if desired. For our data, we use two NoSQL databases operated in clusters consisting of the Cassandra key value store and the SAP HANA graph engine.

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Advantages for the users of SAP applications and SAP HANA

Palturai is an SAP silver partner! Therefore, SAP HANA customers can host our data with little effort on-premise or in the SAP cloud. This flexibility allows you to integrate the Palturai data into different systems, run individual analyzes, or add your own mix of data.

Efficient On-boarding with the Business Partner App

Our Business Partner App enables you to start new business partnerships much faster. There’s no need to fill out a business partner form, you can avoid typos, and always have access to the latest data. So, the connection with existing partners is quickly created. If there are changes within the ecosystem, you will receive a notification and can react accordingly, whether in the sales team or in risk management.


We are reaching for the stars and looking for new talents to join our crew!