Hinter jedem erfolgreichen Entscheider steht ein erfolgreiches Netzwerk.

Palturai – the right tool for professional networks

Good sales managers are primarily relationship managers, especially when businesses rely on comprehensive advice and exclusive support. In many areas, success depends directly on building sustainable relationships with customers.

Support your sales team with in-depth knowledge about the relationships of your target industries by discovering new potential connections in your network – and far beyond.

Sales & Marketing – this is what you can achieve with us:

Find ideal leads in your industry

Successfully convert leads into customers

Maintain systematic customer relationships



The power of BusinessGraph

Data has become a crucial element in the decision-making process. Misleading data will certainly result in incorrect decisions. Duplicates and other errors are not only annoying, but also risky. Accurate data is a prerequisite for the validity of significant documents, such as contracts, invoices, and collection letters.

With our official, consistently-updated company register information, we offer you the perfect foundation to be implemented in your systems and databases, providing you with the opportunity to realize the full power, capability, and efficiency that BusinessGraph can provide.


Use Case: UHNWI – Reaching the wealthy

The sales channel that networks support is particularly effective for clearly-defined target groups. An example are the so-called Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, who in Germany represent assets of 30 million euros or more.

We support several financial service providers in reaching this target group via their contact network. In these circles, a personal recommendation is usually the only valid ticket for admission.


Easy access, whichever you choose – from the web application to the in-house solution

Our flexible and modern IT infrastructure offers several options for leveraging and analyzing your relationship information. Without any IT software installed, conduct your research using our fully-featured web application. Just log in, and off you go.

Or, simply integrate our solutions into the systems you are currently using. Our technology partners make this is even easier, as Palturai is an SAP silver partner and associated with many other providers. We meet the highest security requirements with our on-premise solution.

Web application working as
software-as-a service
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Seamless-integration into
your familiar systems
In-house Hosting:
On-premise service

Use Case: “Pearls in the Pool” – How to convert private customers to corporate clients

The integration of customer data into Palturai BusinessGraph often leads to exciting “aha”effects. For example, when your private customers are in top-tier, decision making positions, you could utilize a board director’s confidence in you for his or her private investments or their personal information privacy to further develop your network!

Our Best Practice example, “Pearls in the Pool”, shows the potential success of this approach.

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“Palturai elevates your sales activities to new dimensions. Use Palturai BusinessGraph in conjunction with your own data for a unique, profitable synergy.”

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The Palturai BusinessGraph is a powerful data relation platform for all business units.