Palturai allows you to see behind the facade

Leverage a networked view of your business partners and their connections. Avoid potential direct and indirect risks in your business environment at an early stage with automated alerts.

Many practical examples show that the fraudulent behavior of individual “trouble spots” in a business network affects their affiliated business partners. Ultimately, you too may be directly affected by these risks.

Protect yourself from risk – fraud, reputation or business failure

  • Avoid defaults and reputational damage
  • Reduce your budget for investigation and fraud prevention
  • Avoid new business with risky partners
  • Assess risk situations with business partners and their environment
  • Detect abnormalities with a new business partner or within his network during onboarding
  • See an overview of insolvency, country risks, or internally identified risks throughout the environment
  • Gain quick insights into the true decision-makers in a company and in the immediate vicinity
  • Reduce time required for research in complex company networks.
  • Understand participation structures and important contractual structures at a glance
  • Improve visibility of risky business partners across the company
  • Access up-to-date and reliable network information at any time
  • Make “Trouble Spots” visible to everyone

How does this work? Take a look at these dynamic features

Make "Trouble maker" visible for all
Simply assign a risk marker to your "trouble makers", as here in the example for the company International Tobacco Ltd.

Perhaps the company belongs to an undesirable industry, or there is a case of fraud or litigation?

You determine which risks are marked.

As a result, all colleagues see the striking red icon and are briefly informed about the respective risk type. Either directly in the company profile, in the network or in the investment structure.

Recognizing the dangerous proximity to "trouble makers
In reality, it can often be observed that individual "trouble makers" have a negative influence on their environment and thus form entire "risk nests".

This is where our Distance-to-Trouble algorithm comes into play. It calculates a risk score for each node in the network.

The "trouble maker" itself assumes the highest risk. Depending on the distance and type of relationship, the trouble maker then continues to infect its environment.

You too can determine risk scores for your network of business partners.

Intelligent warnings instead of nasty surprises
You are about to create a new business partner?

In our example of Technology SE you will be warned immediately by a yellow risk banner in the company profile.

This is because there are risk factors in the company's environment ("Network Risks").

See more details about network risks on the next pictures.

By the way, the banner is always displayed automatically as soon as insolvency or country risks or internal markings of "trouble makers" are present.

Gain valuable insights with the network view
You can expand the business network of your new business partner Technology SE with just a few clicks.

In our example case you can see the following:

Via a profit transfer agreement, Technology SE has a direct legal relationship with International Tobacco Ltd, your marked "trouble maker".

There are unusually many relationships with inactive companies in the network.

Numerous investments are located in high-risk countries.

With this detailed information you can now better assess whether the new partnership is acceptable for you on this basis or not.

Also evaluate historical relationships in the business partner environment
Past business relationships can also be of interest for a risk assessment. The following details are available in the Technology SE network:

A former CEO of Technology SE had a leading position in a company that is now inactive and was officially deleted.

A former board member is currently still the economic beneficiary of an active but insolvent company.

Here, too, you can benefit from comprehensive transparency, e.g. knowing exactly when which relationships existed with whom, or whether a controlling influence existed.

Identify links with country risk
Your new business partner is based in Germany, but do you know in which countries his shareholder relationships are going?

In our case, Technology SE holds shares in companies worldwide. Some of them are also located in countries that are officially assessed as having a high country risk.

On the world map you can see at a glance how many critical relationships go where worldwide.

In the detailed view you can also see beyond that,

- whether the relationships are direct/indirect,
- and which companies or persons are involved.
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Efficient fraud prevention with the Palturai BusinessGraph

The global economy is a huge, dynamic network. Every day, new nodes and relationships are created in the rhythm of the market – or are dissolved.

Knowledge of the complex network of relationships between companies or their decision-makers is invaluable for insurance companies. A systemic view of this extensive, multi-faceted ecosystem is especially valuable in fraud detection and prevention.

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