Traditional tools dull?
Sharpen sales with Palturai.

Your benefit. Warm introduction instead of cold calls.

Reach leads faster

Find promising target customers and use contact paths that we identify to reach them. A personal recommendation from your network increases your chance of an appointment by 90% compared to a cold call.

Higher sales revenue

Increase your success rate with qualified lead lists customized with your criteria and accessibility via your own network! Discover influencers, doers, investors and decision makers among your business partners and use them as door openers.

Never miss a chance

Monitor your contacts and leads, so that you can respond proactively to significant events. You  also stay well informed about network risks in the direct vicinity of your leads.

“84% of buyers who are decision makers start the buying process with a recommendation, but only 11% of sellers ask for a recommendation.”

   Edelman Trust Barometer, Social Media Today

Our solution. How Marketing & Sales succeeds with Palturai.

How contact paths increase sales opportunities
Let's assume that you would like to acquire Target Ltd, the most successful medium-sized company in the printing industry, as a new customer.

How do you reach the responsible owner?

You use the "shortest route" determined by the intelligent algorithms of Palturai.

Because you know from experience that "Warm Introductions" promises the most success in customer acquisition.

Prepare the first contact perfectly
With Palturai, your first acquisition meeting is prepared quickly and easily.

What is important is a basis of trust. You create this by taking a look at the extensive profile information:

Do you have contacts to companies where your business partner has worked in a responsible position?

Do you know companies in which he is currently involved?

Do you have common contacts from his network?

Identify even more sales opportunities
Expand your sales opportunities through the large network of business relationships of your new customer.

Research within his direct holdings, for example.

Focus on the right candidate,
- in the right industry,
- the appropriate revenue class and
- the appropriate level of participation.

Accelerate the acquisition of new customers many times over and enjoy a massively improved success rate.

Using the real decision maker for sales purposes
Palturai offers you an unbeatable competitive advantage:

With just one click, you can see who has a "dominating influence" on the best company and is therefore the relevant decision-maker for you.

You can differentiate precisely whether the economic justification is based on

- direct or
- indirect participation.

Take advantage of this opportunity to acquire new customers in a very targeted manner.

Generate more leads with company lists
It is also worth checking the list of companies in the personal profile. With its help you can select those companies with which you want to establish a contact.

Profit from networks of people!

With a click on the Connection Check button you can immediately see the possible contact paths to companies.

This way you will be able to convert potential customers into real new customers much better.
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Use Case UHNWI: Reaching the rich

The distribution channel via relationship networks is particularly efficient for clearly defined target groups. One example of this is the so-called Ultra High Net Worth Individuals – i.e. particularly wealthy people (in Germany with assets of 30 million euros or more).

We support several financial service providers in reaching this target group through their own contact networks. Because in these circles a personal recommendation is usually the only valid ticket.

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SaaS, integrated or on-premise. Which solution suits you best?


Experience for Web

Our Software-as-a-Service solution

Without an IT project, you can do research in our feature-rich web application. Just log in  and get to work. Of course, we will accompany you in the first steps.

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API Connect

Seamless Integration in Your System

Simply integrate our solutions into your applications – whether you have your own software or standard applications. Choose the appropriate REST services.

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MyPlatform for SAP

Secure On-Premise Solution

A complete embedding in your system landscape creates the highest added value. You create your own BusinessGraph in-house and work completely self-sufficiently.

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Marketing & Sales in practice. A selection of use cases.

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Björn Krieger

“Palturai takes your sales processes into new dimensions. Increase your success rate measurably by actively using your own network, enriched with relevant information and dynamic networks.“

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